Why Your Dog's Poncho Will Be One Of A Kind...

Your poncho's story begins in Guadalajara, Mexico where the traditional, soft, vibrant colored serape blankets we use to make our one of a kind dog ponchos are created.

Because each serape is individually woven, each serape becomes a unique piece of fabric art.

After we inspect and choose the blankets, each poncho is then hand-sewn with care - always paying attention to detail. The thickest stripe is the primary color and is repeated throughout the weave, in conjunction with complimentary colors.

We are always so excited to see the unique color scheme of our ponchos. We hope to pass that excitement onto you.

You will not know the exact colors of your poncho until you open the package, but we guarantee your poncho will be durable, functional, unique, and as rich in color as it is in history.